Lighting Design and Show Creation for The Plaza

Long Beach Convention Center

Zoolights - Music in Motion

Phoenix Zoo

Bingo Hall

Casino Arizona

Undisclosed Theater Project



The Circle In The Square Theatre

Catch Me If You Can

Rock the Presidents

Junie B. Jones The Musical

Orlando Repertory Theatre

Shakespeare on the Sound
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Theater Mitu


Theater Mitu

The Odyssey

Theater Mitu

The Mahabharata

Theater Mitu

The Ramayana

Theater Mitu


Summit at Sea


Brooklyn, NY

MTV Video Music Awards

Radio City Music Hall; New York, NY

Barry Manilow

Various Concerts

African Children's Choir
Shania LED Sign

Shania: Still the One


With 20 years of show production, creative direction and lighting design experience, as well as 400 productions to my credit, I’ve been fortunate enough to provide my expertise to projects spanning all fields of entertainment, including theatrical productions, featured films, television pilots, global concert tours, and themed architainment. When managing a project, it’s my primary task to make sure every element of the design communicates the story in a compelling and entertaining manner.

You are only as good as those you surround yourself with, and through my professional experience, I’ve cultivated ongoing relationships with some of the best creatives in the business. From designers, directors, choreographers and consultants, covering all areas of design including: lighting, costuming, media content, audio, synchronization, & scenic elements.

I’ve managed a variety of budgetary constraints, from less than a thousand dollars to multi-million dollar productions. Regardless of the level of assistance and expertise a client requires, I can help facilitate. Whether it’s innovative concept design or complete implementation and installation, I am available to assist with high-quality, inventive and feasible ideas. Let's discuss how I can help with your next project.


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